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[2x] Electronics AIT Technician



We are looking for motivated Electronics Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) Technicians to expand one of the most active teams in Argotec, the Electronics Unit.

The position will offer the chance to work on inspirational projects, contributing to the development of new technologies in support of next-generation space assets.

In the near future, our activities will be focused on On-Board Computers and Power Units for micro-satellite constellations, both in Earth orbit and deep space (Moon and Mars).


You will join Argotec Electronics Unit and support the development of electronic systems for space applications, contributing to our next missions.

The activities will include:

  • Contributing to the definition and execution of test activities
  • Drafting of technical documentation, including test plans, procedures, and reports
  • Support rapid prototyping
  • Support PCB manufacturing and assembly
  • Support design and analysis activities regarding avionics subsystems
  • Definition of board-level hardware architectures for support equipment, including break-out boards, test harnesses, and adapters


  • High-school Diploma as Electronics Technician or Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • At least 1 year of working experience in a relevant field, including internships.
  • Problem-solving skills


  • Knowledge of analog and digital electronics and PCB technology
  • Knowledge of laboratory instruments
  • Experience in soldering through-hole and SMD parts
  • Experience in PCB testing and debugging
  • Proven ability to work in a team
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and personal growth
  • Fluent in English, especially writing


  • Previous experience developing firmware for micro-controllers and PC software
  • Minimum experience in space projects

This announcement is aimed at both sexes, under laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and all nationalities, under legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03.

To apply for this job please visit invia-candidatura.