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Do you want to travel with us? We accompany you into space

We count thousands of flight hours alongside the ISS (International Space Station), thanks to our payloads that combine advanced technology and attention to all the needs and requirements of space travelers. Because even an astronaut has the right to “travel comfortably“.
Our experience, also with regard to thermal control systems, has allowed us to obtain a prestigious and responsible role: supervisors of all Italian payloads for the ISS.

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Argotec vince il Premio dei Premi 2023

Un altro prestigioso riconoscimento per Argotec, space company con sede in Italia e negli Stati…

Artemis 1: ArgoMoon captured photos of the Earth and Moon 

Turin – 19 Nov. 2022 – NASA's Artemis 1 mission, carrying ArgoMoon, the satellite of…

ArgoMoon: concluse le operazioni di preparazione

Nel pomeriggio di mercoledì 9 novembre, il team delle operazioni di volo di Argotec ha…

DART collision photos came from NASA’s first use of Argotec microsatellite

The intelligent microsatellite called LICIACube documented NASA’s successful collision with an asteroid; a similar microsatellite…
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