Portfolio Satelliti

Micro only in size

In Argotec we are able to follow all the phases of realization of very high performance microsatellites.

In particular, our dedicated Unit is responsible for designing down to the smallest detail, developing, assembling, testing and operationally integrating the microsatellites.

A specialized team, in fact, is focused on system and integration activities, customizing the electronic sector and all the on-board software. In this way, our microsatellites are small concentrates of advanced technology: instruments ready to be launched come out of our facilities.


ArgoMoon is a microsatellite that has been selected by NASA as the only European payload that will fly aboard the Space Launch System (SLS), during its first mission, Artemis 1. ArgoMoon was among the first microsatellites released by ICPS, the second stage of SLS. 

ArgoMoon took stunning pictures of the Moon and Earth.

Again thanks to ArgoMoon, many technological solutions, such as algorithms for autonomous tracking of specific targets, was tested and validated in a deep space environment.

ArgoMoon has been designed and built by Argotec with the coordination and support of the Italian Space Agency.


LICIACube is a microsatellite for deep space exploration. It has been selected by NASA as the sole CubeSat in the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, to assist and photograph the first interplanetary defence mission developed by NASA.

DART mission is an asteroid-related mission to the Didymos binary system that transited close to Earth at a distance of about 11 million km.

DART was the first demonstration of the kinetic impact technique for changing the motion of an asteroid in space by impacting Dimorphos, namely Didymos’s moon, at about 6.5 km/s to deflect the asteroid’s orbit.

LICIACube was designed and built by Argotec with the coordination and support of the Italian Space Agency.