Our Company

More space for our ambitions

From Italy to the world, from the world to the universe: our goal is to give more space to ambitious, enterprising ideas.

We do everything in-house: we design, develop, assemble and test products that combine reliability with top performance. This is one of the reasons why we are chosen by the best international space agencies, such as NASA, ESA and ASI.

Collaborating daily with the Italian Space Agency and coordinating some of the space missions, our instruments and services make life better for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and for future space explorers.

All this thanks to a team driven by its youth and competence, as enthusiastic as it is well trained and open to innovation.

All this to get closer, every day, to infinity.

Argotec’s journey began in 2008, when, after ten years of experience in the Folgore Paratroop Brigade and other positions in the aerospace sector in various parts of Europe, our CEO David Avino decided to focus on space.

Starting, as often happens in these cases, from his basement, followed by his first laboratory and first collaborators, all united by the same passion.

Culminating after ten years with the company’s current headquarters in Turin, via Cervino, and overseas offices in Maryland, USA.

The adventurous spirit of the Argonauts, from which our name derives, in search of the Golden Fleece, continues to inspire us in all our activities.

Why Argotec?

(At least) six good reasons for choosing Argotec.


We are fast.


We are flexible.


We are strong and agile.


We are committed to innovation.


We are young and fresh.


We set no limits.