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ERMES: the first Lunar Smart Terminal

By 13/04/2021March 7th, 2022No Comments

For three years, Argotec has been working on ANDROMEDA, a constellation of micro-satellites that will provide support to voice, video, and data transmission for scientific, technological, and commercial activities on the Moon. To improve this service, Argotec is also working on the first terminal that will be able to connect to this constellation, providing a permanent connection to the rovers, landers and humans that will operate on the lunar surface and orbit.

ERMES is a Lunar Smart Terminal: an innovative, small and portable device similar to a mobile phone on Earth that will facilitate remote connection for communication from the Moon to Earth through the ANDROMEDA satellite constellation. ERMES, named after the “messenger of the gods”, will be used to transmit data, video and voice from the Moon to improve the space missions’ daily activities.

This is an ambitious project conceived from the ingenuity of Argotec and approved by the Regione Piemonte, which is the promoter, with a contribution worth 4 million euros to the project. The realization of ERMES got underway in early 2020. Its development involves Argotec and an all-Italian supply chain.

ERMES Argotec

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