Hawk Platform

Modular platform, in three versions

The combination of build quality, reliability, performance, and the ability to operate autonomously allows the HAWK platform to carry and operate your payload in the deep space environment and in low earth orbit missions requiring mission-critical operations, greatly increasing the success rate of your missions.
HAWK platform design, manufacturing and testing are performed entirely by Argotec to meet customer requirements and fulfill multiple mission objectives.

Three versions, infinite possibilities

The platform can be customized based on payload mass, volume, launcher and mission objectives. It offers a very high amount of power and six degrees of freedom for attitude control and on-orbit maneuvering. It can operate either in Earth orbits, significantly increasing the operational lifetime of the mission, or orbiting distant planets, e.g. Moon and Mars, or reaching targets far from Earth such as asteroids and comets.

<24 Kg


32 Gb


160 W


Specifiche tecniche
Mass<14 kg<24kg<55kg
Generated Power at BoL and 25°CUp to 100 WUp to 155 WUp to 270 W
Storage Power at BoLUp to 160 Wh Secondary BatteryUp to 320 Wh Secondary BatteryUp to 600 Wh Secondary Battery
Payload Available VolumeUp to 3.5 UUp to 8 UUp to 15 U
Payload Power Bus3.3V (up to 10W), 5V (up to 30W), 2x 12V (up to 40W), 28V (up to 50W)
Payload Power AvailableUp to 40WUp to 40WUp to 80W
Payload Communication InterfaceRS422, LVDS, SpaceWire, SPI, I2C, CAN, GPIO
Payload Storage MemoryUp to 32 GB
Telemetry Tracking and TelecommandX/S/UHF/VHF Band Compatible with DSN CCSDS Protocol
Guide Navigation and ControlGPS (LEO), DSN Tracking Service (Deep Space Mission)
Attitude Determination and ControlReaction Wheels 3-axis Stabilized
PropulsionCold gas Propulsion/Chemical Propulsion/Electrical propulsion
Radiation Harness>25krad (w/o structure shielding)
Quality CertifiedISO9001:2019

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