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Argotec VOLTA 1281 is an all-in-one PCDU developed to cover a wide variety of application targeting micro-satellite platform. The unit features solar panels management capabilities, battery charging regulation and isolated, latch-up protected secondary power rails.
The main bus nominai voltage is 28V and the secondary power rails con reach l OOW (aggregated).
Despite the usage of space-qualified components, the unit form factor is extremely compact: the overall volume is about 0.6U.

Solar Panels Management

The primary DCDC converter is designed lo manage 1 OOW+ supplied by solar panels, 20V nominai working voltage. The Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm maximizes the power extraction under all conditions.
Voltage and current telemetries are available for both input and output rails of the primary DCDC converter are available. The converter itself is equipped with anti-SEL and anti-SET mechanisms.

Battery Charger

The unii executes a Battery Charging Regulation algorithm lo ensure the corree! management of a battery pack connected lo the main bus.
The BCR is tuned for a 28V, 140Wh battery pack with charge current up lo 3A.
A dedicated voltage sense line is reserved for the battery pack, and its temperature con be monitored installing an external NTC.

Power Conversion Distribution

Secondary, isolated DCDC converters make available 1 x 3.3V, 1 x 5V and 2x 12V buses. Secondary DCDC converters are connected lo the main bus through an EMI filter. The aggregated output power reaches 1 OOW. Each secondary power rail includes programmable anti-latch-up protection. Voltage and current telemetries are remotely collectable using 2x RS422 UART.