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[1X] Optical Payload System Engineer



We are looking for a passionate Optical Payload System Engineer to join the System Engineering Unit.

In this role, you will have the chance to work on inspirational projects, contributing to the development of new technologies in support of next-generation space assets. You will be focused on Optical Payloads solutions intended to operate both in LEO and deep-space.


  • Manage the payload project to ensure that the optical payload is compatible with the satellite and mission requirements, which involves understanding and reviewing the payload design.
  • Ensure consistent flow-down of requirements from mission and system towards the optical payload
  • Ensure coordination of payload activities with project schedule
  • Coordinate the definition of the payload interface requirements, between payload and other system elements, such as satellite platform, ground segment and the payload data processing facility
  • Critical assessment of payload technical readiness levels
  • Manage payload inputs to system design, technical budgets, and operations concepts
  • Manage payload inputs to the AIV, commissioning and calibration plans
  • Perform system-level estimates of optical performance and provide support to the satellite performance verification by ensuring the consistency of the Payload Performance Model
  • Gather and provide inputs as needed by the payload subcontractor


  • Master’s degree in Engineering or Physics with focus on Optics or equivalent field
  • Proven ability to work in team
  • Fluent in English, especially writing
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and personal growth


  • 2+ years of experience with complex imaging systems, optical systems engineering
  • Experience in (Payload) Systems Engineering across the program lifecycle with knowledge of Systems Engineering concepts and processes
  • Experience in evaluating compliance to requirements and generating supporting program data for system interfaces and dependencies, as well as with compliance verification efforts during the program production, manufacturing, and/or AI&T phases
  • Strong process focus with the ability to intelligently apply standard processes
  • Able to thoroughly address responsibilities, with good attention to detail and a proven understanding of documentation methods and requirements
  • Able to review, assess and document (complex) problems and to propose solutions
  • Experience with at least with one of the below mentioned areas is desirable:
  • Optical Link Budgets
  • High Speed data processing needs
  • Optical calibration techniques
  • Able to perform comprehensive optical system characterization
  • Understand performance testing and validation of optical systems and components
  • Demonstrable experience within engineering teams focused on optical payloads
  • Experience with optical payload requirements development, integration, interface definition, verification, and component/subsystem AI&T efforts

This announcement is aimed at both sexes, under laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and all nationalities, under legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03.

To apply for this job please visit invia-candidatura.